AcademicAcademic Academic Course Leader

Dr. Ben Daubney
Ben is a lecturer in Computer Science who teaches programming, tool development for computer games and computer systems architecture.

Dr. Emlyn Everitt
Emlyn is a senior lecturer at the University of South Wales. He teaches programming and networks, and has a research background in security.

Dr. Carl Jones
Carl is the Course Leader for BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development and MComp Computer Games Development and teaches real time rendering. He has a research background in medical imaging and 3D capture.

Academic Academic Academic Course Leader

Dr. Janusz Kulon
Janusz is a Reader in Biomedical Engineering who teaches secure programming and advanced data structures and algorithms. He also administers Computing’s industrial placement year. He has research interests in a range of knowledge based and computer systems engineering topics.

Dr. Marius Miknis
Marius is a Lecturer in Computer Games Development. He teaches programming, tool creation for computer games and GPU programming. He has research interests in image processing and virtual reality.

Colin Morris
Colin is the Course Leader for BSc (Hons) Computer Science and MComp Computer Science. He teaches computational intelligence and concurrent programming.

Academic Academic Academic Course Leader

Dr. Bertie Müller
Bertie Müller is Senior Lecturer in Computing. He teaches software development fundamentals, professional practice and agile software development, data structures and mobile application development. Currently, his research includes working on AI technology for applications in the smart-home domain.

Dr. Gaius Mulley
Gaius Mulley is a senior lecturer at the University of South Wales. He teaches game engine design, game toolkit development and networks, as well continuing with passionate research interests.

Keith Norris
Keith is a Senior Lecturer in Computing and Course Leader for Software Engineering.

Academic Academic Academic Course Leader

Dr. Peter Plassmann
Peter Plassmann is a Reader in Medical Imagery who teaches secure programming, agile software development and mobile application development.

Dr. Mike Reddy
Mike is a Senior Lecturer in Computing who teaches game development fundamentals, teamwork and professional practice. His research interests include work on Virtual Reality.

Dr. Christopher Tubb
Christopher is a senior lecturer in computing. His PhD thesis considered the integration of navigation into a behavioural based control scheme for mobile robots. Current research interests the role of robots within human environments and maintaining safe and useful interaction between robots the environment and human occupants and users.

Academic Academic Head of Computer Science

Keith Verheyden
Keith is a Senior Lecuter in Computing and the Admission’s Tutor for Computing.

Prof. Andrew Ware
Andrew’s main research activities are carried out in collaboration with industry, commerce and other universities. In addition, he has initiated and developed collaborative links with institutions in Germany, Greece and Romania. These links have resulted in joint publications with the institutions involved and with the development of jointly supervised PhD programmes.

Dr. Ian Wilson
Ian is the Head of Computer Science and Reader in Computational Intelligence with research interests in Data Science. He was responsible for introduction and evolution of Computer Games Development at the university as well as the Master of Computing suite of awards. He teaches computational and game artificial intelligence.
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