Intensive courses n Computer Vision and Intelligent Computer Systems

November 6, 2013

The Group is part of a European consortium that delivers an Intensive Programme on Computer Vision and Intelligent Computer Systems. The first in a series of two week lectures was held in Brno in the Czech Republic in July 2013 and the second will be held in Burgundy France in July 2014.

The objective of the Intensive Program (IP) is to bring together students and academics from across Europe in order to increase participants’ exposure to Computer Vision and Intelligent Computer Systems (COMVICS). All institutions and participants involved in the IP already have some knowledge of the subject but none has the breadth of knowledge covered by the span of cognate topics to be covered in a dynamic and fast developing area of study.

For academics, the IP will be an event of mutual benefit, while for students it will seek to stimulate interest in research and application of the things learned. The IP is primarily aimed at students in the final year of undergraduate degree and those in the first year of post graduate studies and at academics already working in one sector of the subject. The IP will help the participating institutions gain a repertoire of expertise that will help them to develop bachelor and master degree programmes attracting students to the Computer Science discipline.

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