Our research has had a significant impact on academia and industry for over twenty years. Importantly, it also underpins and informs the coursesassociated with the unit.

Research impact can be fulfilled in many forms. It should influence, change and/or benefit others outside of academia to, for example:

  • influence the economy
  • influence policy and services
  • improve quality of life
  • enhance health and wellbeing
  • inform course development and delivery

Impact is an important part of modern research, and funders, in that the potential wider benefits of such research should be clear. The following outlines cognate areas of study and their impact.


The team are working closely with partners on several KESS funded research projects with an emphasis on industrial processes, cybersecurity and applied artificial intelligence in collaboration with partners (e.g. Thales;  ITSUS Consulting) in areas such as: The Application of Pattern of Life Analysis to the Problem of Early Intrusion and Threat Detection and Classification in Industrial Process Control Systems; the Analysis and Design of a a Socio-technical Business Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Process for Industrial Control Systems; Visualisation for Cyber Security and enhancement of processes in virtual reality.


The team have conduct applied research with health partners (e.g. Cardiff and Vale University Rehabilitation Engineering Unit; Clinical Bioinformatics team, Cardiff; Institute of Dermatology, Cardiff; Digital Health and Care Wales) in areas such as: Developing a non-invasive infrared, Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prevention System (DFUPS);  Research into Explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning for diagnosis of skin conditions; Semantically Clustering Medical Referral Letters using Natural Language Processing; Digital Human Model - a 3D interactive digital human model (DHM) is being developed to visualise anatomical landmarks and represent musculoskeletal configurations.


Members of the team work closely with partners (e.g. ThalesAurora International Consulting) applying automation, data science, computational intelligence and operational technology research that directly impacts the economy in areas such as: Cyber Maintainable Safety Critical Complex Systems; Multivariate House Price Forecasting Modelling using Deep Learning; Knowledge automation of accident incidence reporting.